Wearing an Amazing Seiko Marine master 300m Quartz Tuna Replica for Every Sport

I’ve never been on the fence about a watch for so long as I have with the Seiko Marine Master 300m Quartz, a watch affectionately referred to as the “Tuna Can” owing to the shape of its case. I just couldn’t believe anyone would pay–quite a lot for a quartz watch, actually–to strap that thing to their wrist. Then one day, for no good reason I can remember, I saw it and I reconsidered. It wasn’t so bad.

Seiko Marine master 300m Quartz Tuna Replica was a diver’s watch that is finished with a titanium anti-magnetic case that helium couldn’t penetrate, making it suitable for saturation diving. This watch means business in a way that most other divers could only dream of.


The case diameter is reduced slightly from 49.5mm to 48mm, and the little brother also features a slightly slimmer case at 14.5mm. Despite what may seem like intimidating measurements–and this is a common theme with Quartz Tunas because looks deceive–the piece weighs in at only 125 grams with the silicon strap included and is suitable for a range of wrist sizes. For the 48mm case diameter, the first question come into the minds is wear-ability, it is really suitable for most wrist size. Tunas have miniature lugs that extend from underneath the case and barely, if at all, protrude from the case so your lug-to-lug measurements winds up at effectively 48mm. And a 14.5mm thickness isn’t bad at all for a dive watch, so despite the measurements the Tuna is deceivingly wearable for most adult male wrists.


The classic shroud, which protects the bezel and exposes it only at the upper right and bottom left positions for easy gripping, is brushed, setting the overall tone of the watch as an instrument first and foremost.All Tunas are shrouded divers; not all shrouded divers are Tunas.

Replica Grand Seiko Spring Drive 8 Day Power Reserve, A Great Imitation From The Famed Micro Artist Studio

First, one must understand that the craftsman in the Micro Artist Studio are top, top tier. They are the group that visits no one short of Mr. Philippe Dufour with some regularity, and the group that Mr. Dufour to this day holds in extremely high regard. This is true high-end finishing of the highest order, an until now, this has been reserved for Credor product. I’d always wondered why we never saw an insanely high-end Grand Seiko, and now we have.


Every detail about this Grand Seiko Spring Drive 8 Day Power Reserve
replica is special, it is designed with the diamond-dust-covered dial, meaning to make the wearer think of a the fresh snow seen in the Nagano region where the watch is born. The case is is made of platinum measuring 43 mm in diameter that seems a little lager, and is mirror polished.

Seiko SBGD001

In the Grand Seiko Spring Drive 8 Day Power Reserve replica, there is a brand new, in-house caliber featuring with an astonishing 198-hour power reserve, equal to eight days of power consisting of 307 components, and is regulated to an accuracy of +.5 seconds per day. It perform this process via three separate barrels that wind and expire linearly. The rigidity of the single plates helps against shocks to the watch. A single expertly finished bridge also ensures accurate positioning of each wheel in the gear train so that the transmission of power is most efficient. The plate is beveled at top to in fact outline Mt. Fuji, and the insanely high polished rubies and blued screws are meant to represent the lights of Suwa, the city just below the Micro Artist Studio.

Up Close with the Elegant Grand Seiko Spring Drive 8 Day Power Reserve Replica Watch

The flagship Grand Seiko at Baselworld 2016, the Grand Seiko Spring Drive 8 Day Power Reserve replica watch is powered by a brand new movement. But more importantly it has been finished to a remarkable degree, both inside and out.

The case style of Grand Seiko Spring Drive 8 Day Power Reserve replica watch is similar to other Grand Seiko watches, but the resemble is only visual. It is Replica Panerai Luminor 1950 made of a special platinum alloy proprietary to Seiko that was conceived for this watch. Ordinary platinum is soft and sticky, meaning polishing the surface to a hard shine like that of stainless steel is impossible.


In contrast, the alloy developed for the Grand Seiko eight day replica watch can be polished with the zaratsu technique. An ancient method of polishing samurai swords or katana, zaratsu is applied to all Grand Seiko cases and creates an extremely smooth, mirror-like surface with minimal distortion. And to Replica Hublot Classic Fusion increase the hardness of the metal, the case is cold forged with a press weighing several tonnes, a process that increases the density of the metal.

Frosted to create a sparkling, granular finish, the Grand Seiko Spring Drive 8 Day Power Reserve replica watch dial is nicknamed “diamond dust” for the way in which it catches the light. It is not actual diamond powder, rather the look is the result of a unique process that combines special plating, sandblasting and polishing.


Typical of Grand Seiko replica watches the hands and indices are diamond-cut, giving them razor sharp facetted edges that catch the light brilliantly. While most of the watch is Tag Heuer Replica Watches monochromatic, the seconds hand is blued steel with a curved tip that is rolled by hand. And the dark blue of the seconds hand is echoed in the “Spring Drive” text at six o’clock.

Seiko Prospex Baby Tuna Replica Watch Releases

Generally speaking, the Seiko Prospex replica watch collection sports three main categories : the classic diver’s watches with a steel case, the collection’s top timepieces with a single-piece case and the so-called Tuna watches, like the Seiko Prospex Baby Tuna replica watch.These timepieces are nicknamed “ Tuna ” because the shape of their 2-pieces case reminds people of a tuna can ; placed in between bezel and case there’s an L-shaped seal that ensures water resistance , a feature that Seiko replica watch patented some few years ago and that is now one of the manufacturer’s trademarks. It is one of those rare occasions, when something that had been originally designed to be a technical feature has actually turned into a distinctive style element.

The Seiko Prospex Baby Tuna replica watch is among the entry-level pieces of the Prospex series and it is among the most “ bourgeois ” Prospex Tuna watches of the entire collection. Like all the Seiko diver’s watches, it has been crafted following some strict design rules that make this timepiece much more similar to a “tool watch” rather than a “toy watch”.


The Seiko replica watch, like every single Seiko Prospex watch, is certified for saturation diving but it is not equipped with any helium release valve, since the case has been sealed so tight that no helium can ever get in. It is not only this specific timepiece that has a rating of up to 200m, there are some other ones that are certified to up to 1000m.


At first sight, it might look like a simple case but if you take a better look, you will see lots of bevels, sharp angles and countersinkings – like the one next to the crown that is always located at 4 o’clock on Japanese diver’s watches The dial of the Seiko Prospex Baby Tuna replica watch doesn’t sport the classic “ round-shaped ” indexes but rather “ baton-shaped ” ones; together with the steel case, this is one of those small details that makes this timepiece one of the most eclectic Tuna watches ever crafted by Seiko .

What’s more,the Seiko Prospex Baby Tuna replica watch is available exclusively with a rubber strap for professional divers; it might be the perfect strap when you wear your watch above your wet-suit.

Hands-on the Replica Seiko Monster 100th Anniversary SRP455K1 and SRP461K1

For its 100th anniversary replica Seiko has created a series of four, blue themed limited edition sports replica watches, amongst them the Seiko Monster SRP455K1 Replica. The 100th anniversary sports limited editions includes the Monster SRP455K1. This is a second generation Monster with the hacking 4R36 movement.

Like the rest of the 100th anniversary sports models, the SRP455K1 has a purple-blue dial, along with a blue PVD bezel, and yellow gold-plated hands and crown. The dial has a radial brushed finished, with the tone darkening towards the edge of the dial. The colour combination is unusual, but it grows on you. Marked “Limited Edition” on the dial and case back, this is indeed a limited edition, but of an unknown total.Replica Seiko Watch Corp will no divulge the total edition size.

Seiko SRP455K1 100th anniversary blue monster (1)

Like the rest of the 100th anniversary blue dial sports models, the Monster SRP455K1 is an export model for international markets, mostly in Asia, and is not sold in Japan. The retail price in Singapore is S$492.20, including 7% tax, which works out to about US$380, making this the most affordable of the 100th anniversary timepieces, which includes the Grand Seiko 44GS reissue.

Seiko has issued another limited edition, the ref. SRP461K1, which is identical to this, except it is sold on a steel bracelet. And the SRP461K1 is numbered XXX/500. According to Seiko Watch Corp, this numbered edition was made “for the limited market”.

Take A Look At The Grand Seiko Spring Drive Diver Replica Watch

For those wanting a simple-looking but very special high-end dive replica watch, it is easy to recommend something like the Grand Seiko Spring Drive Diver replica watch.Unlike many other brands out there that put great efforts into wooing watch media, Seiko is relatively straightforward with how they handle the media. Sure, Seiko is polite, but their tactic is mostly to simply share with us what they are doing and hope that enough of us “get” them in a sufficient manner to echo their laurels and praise their competitive value.


The Grand Seiko Spring Drive Diver replica watch is most certainly a high-end watch, and it is more watch than most people need.You can probably sum up the Grand Seiko Spring Drive Diver collection as a super meticulously made tool watch. This is an ultimate tool replica watch. Not so much in being amazingly durable, but rather, in its intense attention to detail, finishing, and technology, all in a relatively simple and straight forward case.


The Grand Seiko Spring Drive Diver replica watch comes in a 44.2mm-wide case that is 14mm wide and water-resistant to 200 meters.The Seiko replica watch will satisfy the diving needs of most people.

While many Seiko dive watches attempt to have some type of unique personality through a design quirk or two, the Grand Seiko Spring Drive Diver replica watch is remarkably simple in its dial and case execution. There isn’t a saw-blade style-rotating bezel, no extra screws on the case, and no added implements to the dial in order to make it more “unique.” What you have is a rare instance of restrained simplicity in a luxury Japanese watch, similar to how Europeans to do.

Quality Seiko replica watch makes an excellent case and dial, and while their bracelets are very good, brands like Rolex and Omega still beat them in terms of overall quality. Comfort might be a different story depending on the specific wrist we are talking about, but Seiko would have just that many more people convinced if they overhauled the construction methods used for their bracelets.The bracelet of the Grand Seiko Spring Drive Diver replica watch is actually “Speedmaster-style” with a brushed three link layout with small polished interior sections. The case and bracelet have a lot of hand-done machine finishing and the overall look and feel is fantastic.