The Cle De Cartier Replica Watch In Rose Gold And Steel

Cartier launched a major new family of wristwatches called the Cle De Cartier replica watch – named for the key-like, oblong winding and setting crown set into the flank of the case. The watch felt great in the hand and on the wrist, and the crown was just different enough to give a tingle of pleasure, but not so unusual as to become an obstacle to convenience.

The Cle De Cartier replica watch Online in rose gold and steel is the latest addition to the family; it’s part of the largest diameter group of Cle De Cartier replica watches, at 40 mm. The Cle De Cartier’s case has a definite 1970s-era vibe, but a rather muted one when the watch is on a strap; on a bracelet, and especially in gold and steel, the echoes of that period in watch design are a bit more pronounced, but it’s still, fundamentally, a very elegant-feeling watch.


Seeing this Cle De Cartier replica watch in rose gold and steel gave us another chance to appreciate the sophistication of the case-work as well. The Cle De Cartier is all graceful curves and gently rounded angles; even the crown, which has a triangular cross-section, feels smooth to the touch, and its oblong shape makes it an harmonious accent to the overall design, rather than an interruption. The crown on this two-tone model’s also in gold, in keeping with the overall rhythm of alternating steel and gold established by the bracelet, and contributing unobtrusively but definitely to the success of the design.


The dial of the Cle De Cartier replica watch in rose gold and steel is very neatly done and here, Cartier has avoided unnecessary flourishes; whoever designed the Cle De Cartier knew enough to let the key-crown take center stage to some extent, but even so, this is one of those watches that is an ensemble piece, not a star vehicle. The general feel you get is one of unobtrusive high quality; glancing at the dial, you see the time, not a design, but if you’re inclined, under close inspection it’s clear that a level of detail has been paid to all elements present that you’d expect from Cartier.

The most interesting thing about the Cle De Cartier replica watch Sale in rose gold and steel, was how it felt to wear after a few days. The Carter replica watch is one of those watches that can easily fly under an enthusiast’s radar; it wasn’t designed for the horological fanatic per se, but rather for a Cartier client who wants what used to be called a gentleman’s timepiece.

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