Bell & Ross WW2 Regulateur Officer Replica Watch

The first Bell & Ross WW2 Regulateur replica watch, introduced during Baselworld 2012, was inspired by an old bomb-timer that pilots used to have strapped to their leg. This timing instrument was used to time the release of a bomb as exact as possible to obtain their objectives and destroy their designated targets.The bomb timers were one of the instruments developed to time the specific drop of a bomb, or a distance from point A to point B. One of the essential features is a stopwatch like functionality and a large rotatable bezel with large notches or a rough enough knurling to be used with thick leather gloves.

The Bell & Ross WW2 Regulateur Officer replica watch is a large watch, but still sophisticated in more ways than one. There is a certain elegance about it that you might not expect when solely relying on specs. 47mm wide excluding the crown is large. It has a utilitarian origin and thus a utilitarian size.


Despite its size, the Quality Bell & Ross WW2 Regulateur Officer replica watch still sits snug on the wrist, due to the design of the flexible lugs. Match this with the panda-like dial and you get something quite attractive and wearable. It would definitly look out-of-place in the field of combat but it isn’t called the officer for nothing. This is the more elegant brother of the field-Regulator released in 2012.

A black lacquered dial, with white and silver markings and silver subdials provides more than enough contrast on the Bell & Ross WW2 Regulateur Officer replica watch. The long, silver minute hand fully extends to the inside edge of the minute track, and can be clearly seen against the black background. Only in circumstances with very little light makes it a bit tricky to distinguish. The minute track is divided into 5 minute segments indicated with a large marker and a digit totaling to 60 on a full rotation. In between are smaller markers for each separate minute, with the smallest markers of the track indicating quarters of a minute.

The 47mm wide steel case of the luxury Bell & Ross WW2 Regulateur Officer replica watch is well proportioned, polished to a nice mirror like finish and feels very sturdy. Despite the large diameter of the watch, the relative slim height makes it very wearable, even with a business suit. On smaller wrists they will angle straight down and effectively shorten the lug-to-lug size enough to maintain a good level of comfort. On larger wrists they will act like normal lugs, curving along the circumference of the wrist.