the best choice for a luxury Swiss watch to Rolex replica

Rolex is known for its delicate masterpiece. At Baselworld 2014, replica Rolex can be regarded as one of the most popular brand for its new items. However, most people have payed attention to the new design of shape and materials of Rolex timepieces, such as the new Sea-Dweller and “Pepsi bezel” GMT-Master II. However, those little details is the most interesting parts, for example, the new technology of the Rolex- Syloxi, a fundamentally silicon hairspring. Though it’s almost hidden, people with detailed looking would find it surprisingly.

Starting from 2014, the technology of silicon hairsprings begun to be incorporated into watches. It was only several years ago, Rolex introduced their “paramagnetic” Parachrom hairspring in 2000 that is an exotic alloy of metals. Although, it is known that this skill has long been mastered by Rolex, they didn’t use it until now. Respectively, Rolex replica watches tend to consist the use of Parachrom hairspring for men’s watches, while the Syloxi hairsping is widely used in women’s. Specially, Syloxi has been introduced in the Rolex in-house made calibre 2236 automatic movement. The battery life can be extended to 55 hours, while watches with the traditional hairspring can only last for 49 hours.


As a jewelry watch replica there is a lot to appreciate. For instance the dials are hand-set with jewels before the hour markers are applied. If you look closely at the bezels you’ll find that Rolex own slightly darker stones at each hour marker point. Every Perpetual Pearlmaster watch is designed with an extra bracelet with jewel-set. Of course, these are strictly ladies replica watches and to opt for this collection to debut a new piece of movement technology is a strange thing as women are traditionally not the key demographic to be interested in the details and performance of a watch movement. Nevertheless Rolex has incorporated Syloxi in the 2236 and it is unclear exactly how they will roll-out the technology into future timepieces.

In terms of traditional metal hairsprings, it is easy to imitate, but it is easily affected by temperature, magnetism, and is very unstable also. In this case, silicon can resist these disadvantages and makes Syloxi hairspring much more stable for timekeeping. What’s more, the silicion can largely reduce the after-sale maintenance, such as adding lubrication. Even though,it is the fake, the quality is in high-grade.