super Rolex Airking 14000 replica watch wore by elegant people

Rolex Air-King is one of the most popular Rolex watches model all the time, a model that worth a special appreciation due to its iconic status and distinguished history. Rolex has been creating and publishing many famous watch collections, but the Air-King is its longest continuously manufactured series. The explanation for this is quite simple. It’s no wonder that watches enthusiasts are so drawn to it for such a timeless design, accurate time telling capabilities and durability. The beginnings of this fantastic timepiece are filled with courage and adventures. It was originally called the Rolex Oyster Perpetual and it was the preferred alternative for RAF fighter pilots during World War II. The high visibility of the large 34 mm dial with the legible numerals was critical for completing their dangerous missions. And then its name was changed into “Air King” as a tribute to these fierce and courageous pilots. In 1945, Rolex conducted a series of tribute series: Air-Lion, Air-Giant, Air-Tiger and Air-King, but the most successful one was the Air-King which still has an impressive number of fans.


Replicating the Air-King isn’t that difficult. And everything is because it has been on the market for so long and due to its incredibly simple dial layout. The first impression you get is that the products are identical. You can’t see any visible differences. The beauty of Rolex Airking 14000 replica lays in the simplicity of the dial, comes in the smaller space between the Roman numerals and the rectangular hour markers, and the larger spacing between the two words “Swiss Made” located below the 6 o’clock hour. The hands, the font, the size of the markers and indexes, and the color of the dial are all the same.No matter how much you try to find any other notable defects on the dial, you won’t succeed.


The case, bezel and bracelet of the replica Air-King are manufactured from solid stainless steel. This piece features a nice contrast between the shiny polished plain bezel and the rugged brushed case. The winding crown comes with the easy grip linear raised motif and the small Rolex crown on its top part. Impressively enough, the replica from these images uses a very good quality stainless steel that has been correctly crafted as to copy the authentic watch flawlessly. The bracelet is as nice as the rest of the fake watch. It is made from solid stainless steel and it respects all the details of the original timepiece with the iconic Rolex embossed logo on its inside folding part.