Google A Cool and Fantastic Welder K24 Replica

Welder K24 replica came in a neat little Water tight case with a 3D rubber Welder Logo on the top that make it look so cool! This case is truly cool and useful. It sure did it’s job of protecting the watch when the FedEx guy dropped my package onto the tiled floor of my office, right in front of me! He got all red in the face from embarrassment. I shrugged it off.Inside the case was an info sheet for setting thewatch and a coupon for a rubber watch band available in October.


After a few moments I had the replica watch on nice and crap! The crown is on the left side, making this watch a righty. I knew that when I bought it figuring it will be cool to have a righty. So after a few more moments I got the watch off the left and put her on the right.


Welder K24 replica is spaced at 48mm in the bezel, adding the Crown bar and Chrono buttons and your up for 60mm of watch. That maybe the biggest watch I’ve worn ever. The finished piece is excellent from what I can see. The IPB treated case is a matte black. The K24 replica is a black faced, white number Chrono replica with IPB treated case and black leather Band. Combining with leather band also carries the U-Boat signature metal Lug Tab stamped with the Welder logo. Pulling this Bad Boy out of the case it appears to be a heavy contender. Literally 120 gr. heavy.


A bit of waving and flopping around the watch settled on my wrist. Then I conducted the flex test, bending the wrist up and down. For sure it would be fine on my left wrist. The crown touches but it didn’t feel intrusive against my up-bent wrist. On the back of the case there is some info etched on regarding movement, material, Diving depth and weight. Also the serial number.

Next I played with the functions. Nothing special. It worked like any Quartz Chrono. Setting the watch was nothing special.The Face is matte black with white numbers and index, matching with luminous hands inside and the number 2, 4, 8 and 10.The Date window is situated at the 9 position, it is clear and easy to read. The chrono minute dial is also luminous as is the Chrono Second hand.

So what’s the verdict? It’s a cool replica watch, great for the hunky chunky crowd. Love U-Boat but can’t afford it like me? Great styling, excellent finish and guaranteed to make you look a bit thinner this would do you just fine.