Wearing an Amazing Seiko Marine master 300m Quartz Tuna Replica for Every Sport

I’ve never been on the fence about a watch for so long as I have with the Seiko Marine Master 300m Quartz, a watch affectionately referred to as the “Tuna Can” owing to the shape of its case. I just couldn’t believe anyone would pay–quite a lot for a quartz watch, actually–to strap that thing to their wrist. Then one day, for no good reason I can remember, I saw it and I reconsidered. It wasn’t so bad.

Seiko Marine master 300m Quartz Tuna Replica was a diver’s watch that is finished with a titanium anti-magnetic case that helium couldn’t penetrate, making it suitable for saturation diving. This watch means business in a way that most other divers could only dream of.


The case diameter is reduced slightly from 49.5mm to 48mm, and the little brother also features a slightly slimmer case at 14.5mm. Despite what may seem like intimidating measurements–and this is a common theme with Quartz Tunas because looks deceive–the piece weighs in at only 125 grams with the silicon strap included and is suitable for a range of wrist sizes. For the 48mm case diameter, the first question come into the minds is wear-ability, it is really suitable for most wrist size. Tunas have miniature lugs that extend from underneath the case and barely, if at all, protrude from the case so your lug-to-lug measurements winds up at effectively 48mm. And a 14.5mm thickness isn’t bad at all for a dive watch, so despite the measurements the Tuna is deceivingly wearable for most adult male wrists.


The classic shroud, which protects the bezel and exposes it only at the upper right and bottom left positions for easy gripping, is brushed, setting the overall tone of the watch as an instrument first and foremost.All Tunas are shrouded divers; not all shrouded divers are Tunas.