Replica Rolex GMT Master II: a sporty watch you need

When it comes to Rolex replica watch, the Rolex GMT Master II is what I like best. In my opinion, the Explorer I and II are simply not appealing, Cellini to be feminine, the Yachtmaster appears to be a gay watch seemingly and Daytona to be for senior citizen.This replica Rolex Master is not my first replica watch, but it is my favorite. Actually, my uncle has a real Rolex Master which comes in black dial and black ceramic bezel. In my view, that watch looks great but not as cool as the Pepsi Rolex GMT Master II for the so awesome black and red bezel. Therefore, I chose the replica Pepsi Rolex Master II. Let’s talking about the replica Pepsi Rolex Master II. Generally speaking, regarded as the most popular Master, Pepsi Master has a high popularity and many Rolex fans even see the blue and red as classic GMT Master colors. For me, the black and red one would be more favored by me, especially the Pepsi one designed with nerdy-cool.


The replica Pepsi Master is equipped with an ETA movement, which make contribution to being as precise as the original. The size of the bezel is in a little bit small, and the hand-stack is different, but it is common for a replica to have minor flaws like these. That great timepiece comes in awesome case with screw-down crown and collocate with stainless steel bracelet. All the nice parts really form a fantastic combination. Another factor I prefer that watch is the hollow-link oyster strap. The most surprised part is the dial that is finished in perfection and flawless, font for the date, an etched crown that is practically invisible.


Although the edges are not smooth enough at the beginning, everything goes well after I polish and brush it up a bit, it is really identical to the original piece so that even the trained eyes maybe not tell the difference from the original.